"The Confidence Ratings are a quick way for me to see if a technology is worth studying further and possibly investing in.”

Rob Reich, Sr VP, Equipment, Maintenance & Driver Recruiting, Schneider.

REDUCE FUEL COSTS: Find technologies that meet your needs

Fleet owners and operators can substantially reduce their fuel bill by implementing any of a wide range of efficiency technologies. Through its Confidence Reports, TruckingEfficiency.org provides access to unbiased, third party information on approximately 70 efficiency technologies, so that fleet owners and operators can identify which efficiency technologies might be appropriate for their fleet.

For each report, the study team develops a Confidence Matrix to inform fleets of the study team’s confidence in the technology being studied vs. the payback a fleet should expect to receive from the technology. The Confidence Rating is based on the amount of information currently available about a technology and the payback of that technology in years.